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Competency Modeling and Tailoring The PROFILOR®

Whether you are just getting started or already have a competency framework, Assessments International consultants have the experience and expertise to assist you in creating unique assessments that provide insight and accelerate development. The PROFILOR® system accepts your competency framework and is easily tailored to align with your company’s unique development language. Starting with your competency framework, our experts map The PROFILOR® items to your competencies retaining available PROFILOR® translations, norms, and development suggestions.

The PROFILOR® Training Workshop

Our consultant-led training will have your team up to speed in no time, interpreting results, holding meaningful conversations, and helping participants create actionable development plans. Our standard 1-day training program is available for in-person and web-based delivery. Attendees will learn about the history of The PROFILOR®, gain knowledge of The PROFILOR® instrument and feedback reports and learn how to conduct successful feedback sessions. The workshop is easily tailored to your audience, their experience, and your intended use case. AI’s Training Workshop supports successful 360 implementations and development conversations to drive business success

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The PROFILOR® Individual and Group Feedback Sessions

360 feedback is a powerful development experience, but all too often participants are overwhelmed with the abundance of data found in their feedback report. Help employees understand and prioritize their strengths and opportunities for development with consultant-led individual or group feedback sessions. An experienced Assessments International consultant can help individuals identify important themes, prioritize development activities, create a learning plan, and transfer new skills to the job. Available for in-person and web-based delivery, 1-2 hour feedback sessions are tailored to your organization to ensure participants are successful in their development journey.

Employee Survey Analysis and Executive Summary Presentations 

Identifying trends and communicating employee survey results to key stakeholders can be time-consuming and challenging. AI consultants have the experience and tools to quickly analyze results, formulate themes and professionally communicate messages.