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Critical thinking

Nothing is more important than how an individual thinks. For nearly a century, the Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal has been helping companies make data-driven decisions on staffing and development, and is now the leading critical thinking test available.


Raven’s Progressive Matrices assesses skills essential for professionals, managers, and highflyers, including advanced observation and clear-thinking skills, efficient problem solving, abstract reasoning, and the ability to learn.

Wesman PCT

Wesman PCT measures higher-level reasoning skills and provides a clear picture of an individual’s potential for success in sales, executive, and supervisory positions.

WPI (2)

This is the newest edition of the Workplace Personality Inventory. Work Style Lens measures 16 work styles and organizes the results into four broad and easy-to-interpret performance themes: relating to people, dealing with emotions, approaching work, and thinking styles.

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test II (2)

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test II helps identify candidates with good spatial perception and mechanical reasoning abilities, as well as with an aptitude for learning mechanical processes and tasks.

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