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Rooted in science and centered around people, The PROFILOR® Development Series provides tools to create insight, prioritize development, and facilitate action. The PROFILOR® Family of 360 instruments are the most widely used multi-rater assessments for individual and organization development. Research-based and relevant to the demands of today's workforce, The PROFILOR® Family of 360 Instruments measures the competencies and behaviors critical for success.  Over 700,000 individuals worldwide have used The PROFILOR®, proving that companies rely on The PROFILOR® to create insight and accelerate development. Invest in the future with The PROFILOR® Development Series and build a more productive workforce and greater organizational success.

Key Features

The PROFILOR® Has Been Helping Organizations Like Yours for Over 50 Years

You will be pleased you went with The PROFILOR® 360 Family of Instruments.


Assessments International's network of highly qualified consultants can help you build a better workforce and improve performance. AI consultants have extensive business backgrounds, along with Industrial/Organizational Psychology backgrounds. As such, they understand how to improve effectiveness for individuals, but also at the team and organizational levels. They approach every consulting relationship with the broader perspective of assisting the client in improving overall organizational effectiveness.

Become PROFILOR® Certified. Our consultant-led training will have your team up to speed in no time, interpreting results, holding meaningful conversations, and helping participants create actionable development plans. Our standard 1-day training program is available for in-person and web-based delivery. Attendees will learn about the history of The PROFILOR®, gain knowledge of The PROFILOR® instrument and feedback reports and learn how to conduct successful feedback sessions. The workshop is easily tailored to your audience, their experience, and your intended use case. AI’s Training Workshop supports successful 360 implementations and development conversations to drive business success.


My association with Assessments International, Inc. is long and successful. With a vast array of industry-standard assessments products at my disposal, I have all I need to provide the best in assessment content and technology. Working with the AI staff makes my job easier in that they are dedicated, knowledgeable, and client driven.

In particular, I have used The PROFILOR for 25+ years in leadership development initiatives for organizations of various sizes and across industries. Participants and organizational leader feedback highlights an appreciation for the Profilor report comprehensive, measurable, and actionable data.

Some of what sets the Profilor apart are competency importance ratings, well-researched development suggestions, and The Progress Check 360 follow-up which provides business professionals with valuable insight for identifying opportunities to leverage strengths and attending to areas for development.

The Profilor’s rigorous psychometric research, broad array of competency models, and availability in 11 languages ensure that clients are developing their workforce to meet the challenges of today’s global marketplace.

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