Do I need to be certified to use your assessments?

You do not need to be certified to use The PROFILOR®. We do offer consultant-led PROFILOR® 360 feedback for participants and groups, and a 1-day Training Workshop to train in-company facilitators in the use of The PROFILOR® 360 assessments. For partner assessments available through Assessments International, each partner has established certification requirements and offers a variety of certification options. In most cases certification is required to use partner assessments and AI can help coordinate these services.

How does Assessments International ensure my data is secure and in compliance with data privacy, regulations/laws?

AI takes a multipronged approach to system and data security. To provide a secure internet experience for users, all data transmissions over the internet are encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption. The technology infrastructure, security policies, and practices along with Contractual Clauses meet international data transfer guidelines (e.g., GDPR).

Can participants and raters complete surveys using a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, AI's web-based platform is responsive and adjusts to a user’s device automatically, and displays optimally across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Can Assessments International tailor its assessments to align with my company’s competency framework?

Yes, The PROFILOR® is easily tailored to align with your company’s unique competency framework, success standards and development language. The PROFILOR® system accepts your competencies and items and our experts can map PROFILOR® items to your competency model retaining available PROFILOR® translations, norms, and development suggestions.


How can I analyze team and company data to support development efforts and conversations with leadership?

Most assessments have available PDF group reports that provide insights to HR and stakeholders. The Profilor® 360 has both PDF group reports and interactive dashboards. Interactive dashboards allow users to filter and sort using both personal and organization demographics.

Do you have support for administrators and participants?

Assessments International assigns a dedicated Project Manager to assist clients with all aspects of their assessment initiative. Support includes project planning, system configuration, training, and assessment administration and oversight. For system users, AI offers both email and phone support to answer technical and project specific questions. 

In my organization we are committed to ongoing development, do you have any plans that can support this initiative?

AI has an automated 6 month follow-up to The PROFILOR® 360. The PROFILOR® Progress Check is a 360 that gathers information that an individual selects as their development priorities from their previous PROFILOR® 360 feedback. The PROFILOR® Progress Check uses a 4-point dual rating scale to measure Improvement and Effort.

How does AI support 360 participant development including accountability, development planning, and skill transfer to the job?

Assessments International utilizes development suggestions and Progress Check development planning templates. The PROFILOR® 360 and Progress Check assessments include proven development suggestions for each item and are displayed in the feedback report based on participants’ survey results. Development suggestions include substantial recommendations, examples, questions for thought and analysis, and topics for exploration.