Why invest in Leadership Development?


The pace of change is accelerating and the way we work continues to be re-defined. Today’s leaders need to embrace change, do more with less, and oversee a dynamic workforce with competing demands. Having access to experts and proven tools to identify and develop talent is critical for organization success. The return on investment can be enormous; leaders develop future leaders, drive innovation and spur organization growth.

Development isn’t an event, it’s a journey. The PROFILOR® Development Series provides tools to create insight, prioritize development, and facilitate action. Invest in the future with The PROFILOR® Development Series and build a more productive workforce and greater organizational success.

The PROFILOR® Family of 360 Instruments are the most widely used assessments for individual and organization development. Research-based and relevant to the demands of today's workforce, The PROFILOR® Family of 360 Instruments measure the competencies and behaviors critical for success. Used for individual development, i.e., intrapersonal not interpersonal evaluation, results are constructive and assist the individual in their development journey. By identifying an individual’s areas of strength and development needs, The PROFILOR® Family creates insight and facilitates action.

The PROFILOR® Progress Check is a 360 multi-rater tool used to measure both an individual’s effort and improvement towards their development goals. As a follow up to a comprehensive PROFILOR 360, The PROFILOR® Progress Check gathers multi-rater feedback on just those topics an individual is working on to let them know if change is occurring. Because Progress Check gathers information from those most likely to recognize their effort and improvement, Progress Check helps individuals stay on track, make course corrections and celebrate success in their development journey.