Realizing Organizational Value with The PROFILOR® 360

It’s well understood that 360 feedback provides an individual with the insight to build skills and add value to the organization, but what benefit can an organization derive from the broad use of 360 feedback?

What You Need to Know: Evaluating 360 Assessment Options

When multi-rater or 360-degree assessments are implemented in an organization, often the company will evaluate and compare a number of 360 assessments and assessment partners. The following is a list of criteria to consider when comparing and contrasting options for 360 assessments and assessment partners:

Ten Best Practices in Using 360 Assessments for Individual Development and Beyond

Having assessment strategies and standards that guide companies in their assessment practices is not. Examples of the frequent use of assessments in organizations today include:

 Assessment Strategies and Standards

The use of assessments in companies today is a very common practice. Having assessment strategies and standards that guide companies in their assessment practices is not.Examples of the frequent use of assessments in organizations today include:

Competencies, Capabilities, and Skills: An Example for Organizational Success

This organization was using eight competencies in its performance management process for several years. That is the only place the competencies were really being used, and even in the performance management process, not being used well at all.

Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures

The Commission has issued a policy document that examines the Faragher and Ellerth decisions and provides detailed guidance on the issue of vicarious liability for harassment by supervisors.

SHRM Selection-Assessment-Methods

Organizations compete fiercely in the war for talent. Many invest an enormous amount of money, time and other resources in advertising and recruiting strategies to attract the best candidates. This is because today’s executives understand that one of the most important resources in organizations—if not the most important—is human resources.

Competencies, Capabilities, and Skills: Every Leaders Guide to Their Evolving Use

Most companies today have or had a leadership competency framework in place. Popularized in the 1990s, competency frameworks defined the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAs) that were important to success in various roles and organizations.

Criteria for Selecting and Evaluating Assessment Methods: A Legal and Fiduciary Responsibility for Leaders 

Whenever you are choosing the right assessment methods to use for employment-related decisions, the following criteria should be considered: validity, adverse impact, cost, applicant reactions.

The PROFILOR® 360 and the Ferrari 360 Spider: What Can They Possibly Have in Common?


Car aficionados ask, “What the heck is The PROFILOR® 360?” Learning and development experts bemoan, “So I know what a Ferrari is, but have no idea about the Ferrari 360 Spider model.” Never the twain shall meet. Except here.

High-Impact 360 Feedback and Coaching: Part I – The Conversation

In this article, I will share more about the way a conversation should happen to facilitate the most productive and impactful feedback/coaching session.

Having Development Discussions: A Job Aid for Leaders and Employees    


OverviewThis job aid is designed specifically to help leaders and employees have strong and productive development discussions. It is meant to provide advice and guidance once the employee has completed The PROFILOR® feedback process, for three phases related to development discussions: preparing for the discussion, having the meeting, and following-up after the meeting. The following sections are organized according to these phases.